Cook lies his way to Pole...discovers land that does not exist...
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Hear the little weasel in his own words:
4 minute, 20 second speech from Victor 31755, 78rpm 12" with the old victor black label. Vintage 1912-15
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"Crooked Cook" by Dr. Lepore
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Typical Cookite deadbeat tells usó"I'll make a wav out of it and send it to you."  Did he? No, of course not. His come-on was really an attempt to sell the 78 RPM record to me for $500. Instead I bought one for $17 on ebay and made the WAV file myself. So, Ron, we are still waiting for your free WAV file...

Actual deadbeat Cookie email
Date: Sat, 7 Jul 2001 
Subject: Frederick Cook Victor record
I came across a couple of polar expedition Victor records at an estate sale recently, one by Peary, but the other one I never heard of. It was titled How I Reached The Pole by Dr. Frederick A. Cook Victor 31755 and is a 78rpm 12" with the old victor black label. Appears it's the vintage of 1912-15 or so which you refer to.

In doing my research, imagine my surprise to find it was a hoax. The great man apparently convinced Victor to let him narrate his tale of courage, suffering and supreme accomplishment. If I ever get my 78 record player working, I'll make a wav out of it and send it to you.

Regards, Ron