Grade School Artwork contests
Want to have your classes stuff posted on the Matthew Henson website?
Email me -
Draw pictures employing any medium including computer: anything that illustrates a scene from Matthew Henson's life. Maybe you'd like to make a sculpture or Matt? That would be cool!
Possible media
• Book report • An essay or story • Computer art
• Sculpture, etc.

The most fun I have had with this site over the years is receiving student artwork. I just adore it!

With today's abundant computer technology it is no longer necessary to mail me the actual drawings or essays. Simply scan them at your school and send them as .jpeg files via email. Email plain text copies of stories, etc.

File Formats
Jpeg is best. Don't over compress them though. With today's DSL it is OK to send megabytes of files- but each photo/image should not be over about 200k.

Keep file sizes reasonable
Web images need to be saved at 72 pixels/inch. An 800 pixel wide image is the maximum I use on these pages.

Scan images or essays, or photograph other media.
Make files at 72 pixels/inch
Make the size up to 1200 pixels wide. This allows me to crop and photo edit into web images.

Want to hold a Henson & Peary art or book report contest? Your class can send me artwork, or book reports -you decide who the winners are -and I'll make a webpage for your class. The reports and artwork will be permanently published on this site. You must provide a plain text copy of book reports or essays so I can cut & paste text into a web page. You must scan the artwork, and email it to me.

Previous school art contests:
Computer generated art sent via email attachment.
I edited it to 72 pixels/inch and 348 pixels wide + 2 pixel border.
Trey is a student of Technology/Computer teacher Alene Davis at Mae Luster Stephens Junior High School in Texas.

Dark Companion
A Negro Explorer
Photos and posters of Matt & Peary
This is a 1940's illustration from a book called Our Negro Brother.


Russell R. Robinson
March, 2006

Matthew Henson bust from a 1969 Old Taylor promotion.

1930 era bronze bust of Matt by a famous artist. Not available to public viewing in the New York Explorers Club.

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